Charity Quilting

Over the past few months, the South Puget Sound chapter has cut out, pieced together, quilted and delivered a lot of quilts to 3 charities: Project Linus, Quilts of Valor and Assured Hospice.

We spent March 30, 2019 piecing quilt tops and ended up with 19. Then over the summer we made quilt backs, bindings and quilted them together.

The response we got from the charities was so moving – Quilts of Valor was low on finished quilt stock, so they were thrilled to get 3 full size quilts!

Project Linus was given 5 quilts (plus 6 that were donated by an ASG member who couldn’t make it to the original sewing day) and so far 9 have been donated to Assured Hospice. Quilts keep arriving as ASG members are inspired to make them at home, so they will go to Assured Hospice.

This was such a fulfilling outreach – the thank-you cards the chapter received were so heartfelt, we knew what we did mattered to people in need.