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Shirley’s Presentation on Sleeve Fitting – Sew Fittingly 1/8/2021

Kate’s Presentation on Potpourri House Trivet – Creative Cutups 9/2/2020

Potpourri-House-trivet-compressed is the instructions for making the trivet

House-potpourri-trivet is the supply list

house-pattern is the roof pattern for the large house

Cutting-instructions-for small-house is self explanitory

Small-house-pattern is the roof patterns for the small size

Kate’s Presentations on Croquis and Body Graph – Fashionistas 4/14/2020

Kate’s Presentation on Zippers – Sew Fittingly 4/11/2020

Suzette’s Presentation on Capsule Wardrobe – Fashionistas 5/12/2020

Kate’s Presentation on Color Seasons – Fashionistas 6/9/2020