Chapter Dollars

Reimbursement form for submitting expenses.  Reimbursement

Chapter Dollars are the South Puget Sound Chapter’s way of rewarding members for their level of participation and involvement in Neighborhood Groups and Chapter activities.  Chapter Dollars are “play money” which you can use at our Annual Meeting and as a partial payment for many Chapter events.  Rules for using your Chapter Dollars will be available prior to any “spending” opportunity.

The Chapter Dollars you accumulate are limited only by your level of participation in Chapter activities scheduled throughout the year.  And they will “roll-over” to following years if you don’t spend them all!

General Awards applies to all events, including: 

Chapter $     Neighborhood Group Meetings

50                    Attend any NG meeting in Chapter

50                    Wear your Name Tag

50                    Sew and Tell

100                  Bring a Guest (CAB meeting excluded)

200                  Guest Becomes a Member

500                  Becomes New Member

300                  Presents a Program

Additional Awards are available in the following categories!

Chapter $    Community Sew Workshops

100                  Community Sew 5th Saturday

50                    Wear your Name Tag

Chapter $   Classes, Retreats, Workshops, Field Trips

250                  Work a shift at an Expo or event to advertise SPS ASG

250                  Expo Style Show

200                  Volunteer to teach a Program

100                  For each 90 min of Teaching

100                  For each Prep

100                  Field Trip

200                 Volunteer to Drive for a Field Trip

200                 Attending a Retreat

Chapter $   Contributions Newsletter/WEB

250                  150+ word Article

250                  Picture(s) posted on Website or in Newsletter

1000                Find Member # in Newsletter

500                  Find Member # in 1 Page Update

Chapter $   Chapter Advisory Board (CAB)

200                  Attending a CAB meeting

100                  Bring Cookies for Fire Staff

500                  Volunteer to be a NGL (annual)

500                  Accept a nomination for CAB

1000                Elected or Appointed to a CAB position

Chapter $   Annual Meeting

250                  Attending  – Important for all leaders and members to attend.

Chapter $   National ASG Conference

1000                Attend National Conference