Chapter Advisory Board

SPS ASG NP_2016_Referral_EN (1) StandingRulesSPS 11.2015 (1)The Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of the Executive Board (the elected officers) and the Appointed Positions (committee chairs appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board).  Elected and appointed CAB positions are held for the business year which starts in January.   Neighborhood Group Leaders are non-voting members of the CAB.  The StandingRulesSPS 11.2015 (1) (PDF document) provides further information about the roles of CAB members.

Under the SPS Chapter Standing Rules, only members in the following elected and appointed positions on the CAB can make or second motions or vote on motions before the CAB.


Executive Board Members  Appointed Board Members
Marilyn Lawler
Barbara O’Neill, Aletha Gilbreth
Community Service Liaison
Judy Moritz
1st VP – Program/Events Chair
Aletha Gilbreth
Roxanne Cassidy
Doreen  Rabe
2nd VP – Membership Chair
Utahna Slater (South)
Neighborhood Group Coordinator
Sue Woods
Lucine Lane
Joanne Schoner
Retail Liaison
Aletha Gilbreth
Kelli Wise
June Scott
Communications, Newsletter Editor

Each issue of the Chapter newsletter “Forever in Stitches” has a full list of all CAB members.

The CAB meets every other month and all meetings are open to the general membership.  However, only Executive Board and appointed CAB members have voting rights at CAB meetings.  The  meetings are on the 2nd Sunday after the month the newsletter is published except in May (which is Mother’s Day) The meetings are held at the Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Station 66 located at 9813 128th Street East, Puyallup from  1:30 to 3:30 p.m.